A word from Jason Debler, VetteCast Host:

I have been a “car guy” my entire life.  I grew up turning wrenches with my dad on his race cars, to racing my own cars, to being the co-founder of the longest running all-Camaro enthusiast web site online (of which I retired from in 2011).  It is still in operation today.  I also co-host the Camaro Show, which you can find on iTunes, as well as this show.

The Corvette is a car you have to own to fully understand.

After several Camaros and several hundred successful Camaro podcast episodes, I wanted to try something new. I bought my first Corvette.  The Corvette is a car you have to own to fully understand.  Once I drove my Corvette, I got it.

Taking my decade of experience with automotive podcasting and filling the need, I created the most dedicated Corvette podcast available.  I bring that to you, the listener and Corvette enthusiast.

VetteCast is an automotive podcast with a fun and enjoyable format with humor, special guests, and of course, breaking Corvette news and editorial that no performance car enthusiast should miss.

I want YOU to be part of this podcast.

I encourage you to reach out to me on the 24-hour voicemail hotline at 615-797-VETT or by using this form.

Additional Staff Thanks:

  • Valerie Debler – Associate Producer, Coffee Fetcher and Margarita Mixer
  • Ruger Debler – Entertainment and Dog Treat Requesting
  • Big Engine Productions, LLC – Parent company
  • Slayer, Battlecross, Megadeth, BTBAM – Motivation
  • Rick and Morty – Blueprints for global domination
  • Henry Rollins – Determination coach