VetteCast 11 – Mid-Engine Corvette Is a No Show In Detroit

Back at you with a new VetteCast episode.  Apologies for the gap between shows, Jason had the flu pretty bad.  Noeverthe less, we had some cool Corvette news to talk about…

The Mid-Engine Corvette Is a No Show In Detroit International Auto Show
We all hoped it would be there, but unfortunately, it wasn’t.  So then…when?

Hagerty has one of the very best articles about the mid-engine Corvette so far.
And check out those renderings!

Rick Hendrick Buys the First Retail 2019 Corvette ZR1 for $925,000

Got a great voicemail from a listener this week
Get your Corvette voicemail in now! 615-797-VETT

Jason released a new car culture video
“One small trick that makes ANY car look better”.  Is he crazy?  You bet the judge!

Corvette placed #3 in Consumer Reports owner survey as most satisfying vehicle to own, only a fraction behind the #2 and #1!

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