VetteCast 13 – The Mid-Engined Corvette is Becoming More of a Reality Every Day

New spy shots fo the mid-engine Corvette shows more details

Mid-Engined Zora Corvette Spied With Less Camo Than Ever

FINALLY Recaro is going to sell seats specifically for the C5, C6, and C7 Corvette!  But at what price?

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Never too early to start planning for this year’s shows and events
Here’s what I am hoping to attend at the very least.

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Make your C7 Corvette look just like a C7.R for $1,200.  Kinda.

3 thoughts on “VetteCast 13 – The Mid-Engined Corvette is Becoming More of a Reality Every Day”

  1. Hi Jason. Thank you for your contribution to the Vette specific podcast. I was hoping you could dedicate an episode to the much maligned C7 Z06. This car’s press release was a reflection of how bad GM’s marketing department is. Today, the C7 Z06 stands as car that just did 2:39 at VIR (something no one in the press picked up on). People also need to know that the C7 Z06 ‘overheating’ issues came from early cars that did not have a Secondary radiator. This is something which GM has addressed from 2016 onwards. In addition, a lot of the overheating issues were from cars that were driven in full Auto/D mode. This is despite GM constantly advising owners/operators to engage manual shifts for the Automatic when driven on track. Changing gears, how about that new MRC calibration that was rolled out by GM? Again, barely any press on this. GM’s/Corvette’s marketing department has a lot to learn from the likes of Porsche. End Rant! – Best, Sanjay

    1. Sanjay,
      Thanks for the message. Interesting points and I will be sure to mention them in the next episode! Can you tell me more about where you think the C7 Z06 press release in 2015 fell short?

      1. The Motortrend tests – Best drivers car (C7 Z06 experienced engine issues-something to do with intercooler plugs that were incorrectly installed during prepping that made the car limp during their tests). Second test – Head2Head against the GTR, where GM’s tech forgot to adjust/align the rear caster correctly which caused handling issues during MT’s test thereby causing the car to lose against the GTR during their video review. This was later corrected in a separate test but the damage was done way before then. 3rd test – Against ACR, the Z07 was quite stiff and kept oversteering. This was done way before the MRC calibration was performed.

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