VetteCast 18 – 2019 Corvette ZR1 Performance Specs Released!

We have a GREAT episode for you this week, jam-packed with some awesome Corvette news.  Let’s jump right in!

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  • The entire automotive world is understandably losing their minds over the new Cadillac 4.2l 550hp twin turbo v8 called the “Hot V” (*snicker-snort*).  Not because it is a Cadillac, but because the logical assumption is that it could find its way into the next Corvette.

What do you think about the this new engine? Will it make its way into a Corvette?  Call the VetteCast at 615-797-VETT and speak your mind!

  • I released a video with everything you need to know about LS7 cylinder head valve drop issue.  Share it out to spread the information!

  • The Corvette Racing team was gunning for their fourth straight, but came up a bit short.  Check the recap.  The next race will be the Bubba Burger Sports Car Grand Prix at Long Beach from the streets of Long Beach, Calif., on Saturday, April 14 with live television coverage on FOX.
  • Nissan is looking to release a new generation 475-hp 400Z. Some say it is competition for the Camaro, but it is also expected to be a two-seater, which puts it more akin to the Corvette. 475 horsepower may not seem like a fair fight against the Corvette, but what if it was AWD? That makes it interesting…

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