VetteCast 2 – Corvette News and the SEMA Show

Welcome back to the second episode of VetteCast!

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Let’s get going with the latest Corvette News!

Got a C7 with Magnetic Ride Control? Upgrades are coming!

At SEMA 2017, Chevrolet made a small announcement for C7 Corvette owners. 2014–2016 Stingrays fitted with the Z51 package, 2016 Stingrays (the first year Magnetic Ride Control was available to non-Z51 Vettes), and 2015–2016 Z06s, both with and without the Z07 package will soon be eligible for a software update that improve its function. The new software update to be rolled out very shortly.

Now Might Be the Perfect Time to Buy a C5 Corvette

The C5 Z06 is an incredible performance bargain, but that could change.

Did the Camaro force the mid-engined Corvette?

Hard to say for sure, but this article does indeed give an interesting perspective.

SEMA Show 2017

There wasn’t a significant representation of Corvettes at the SEMA show but that seems to be a common theme. I did grab some photos and put them on the VetteCast Facebook page at
I am a friend of Todd Christensen, the Marketing Manager of both Camaro and Corvette so expect an interview with him soon! Subscribe on iTunes for updates!

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