VetteCast 5 – Get any good Black Friday deals for your Corvette?

Hope all of the VetteCast listeners had a nice Thanksgiving,  and didn’t overstuff themselves so much they couldn’t get some good Black Friday deals.  Speaking of which…

Get any good Black Friday deals for your Corvette? I did, and I brag about it a little bit. Here’s what I got…

  • MGW Shifter
  • Lamin-X taillight covers
  • Zen6 headlight lens covers from Umnitza
  • What did you buy for your Corvette?

Chevrolet is offering an unprecedented $9,000 off sticker for a 2017 Corvette Z06

You can get a discount on a new Corvette if you work at Taco Bell!

Voicemail Incoming!

  • In this episode, I play a great voicemail from an old friend, you may find his thoughts interesting. He threw his hat into the ring to win a FREE prize pack courtesy of 303 Products and Sta-Bil!
  • You can enter to win, too!  Call in to the VetteCast voicemail hotline at 615-797-VETT and give your favorite car storage tip for a chance to win!

There are reported to be 12 types of Corvette owners. Which one are you?

What do you think? Dial 615-797-VETT and let me know!

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