VetteCast 9 – The Corvette Year in Review and 2018 Predictions

Happy New Year to all VetteCast listeners!

This will be short episode as Jason’s voice is on the edge of giving out.  Must be a bug going around, but he struggled thought it.

Department of Corrections

  • Eagle-eared listeners were quick to share their wisdom of GM’s previous mid and rear engined vehicles and set our host straight.  🙂

Recap of 2017

  • A quick recap of the previous VetteCast episodes in 2017.  You can always listen to them and read the show notes again, anytime, right here on this web site.

Predictions of 2018

  • Jason gives some thoughts on what we can expect early this year.

We have a voicemail from a listener who predicts that the mid-engine Corvette costs will be similar to the current Corvette pricing.

The 303 / Sta-Bil Contest is Ending soon!

  • Call in to the VetteCast voicemail hotline at 615-797-VETT and give your favorite seasonal car storage tip for a chance to win a FREE prize pack courtesy of 303 Products and Sta-Bil!

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